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I appreciate all of the support, prayers, and love sent our way this campaign season. It was an interesting, and weird election, however we survived, and we will continue to survive, because we are AMERICANS. I am proud to serve and be your voice in Madison and I promise to continue to "FIGHT  FOR OUR FUTURE."



Thank you for visiting the Friends of Jesse James for the 68th Assembly website. 

This website will continue to inform you of the issues YOU want me to fight for in Madison. I am here to serve you, listen to you, and carry your message from our district to our state capitol. My first term has passed by so quickly. I feel I am just getting my feet wet, and am in ankle deep of water. You do not learn everything in your first term. I am asking for your support for another 2 YEARS! I am learning more and more everyday, as issues pop up in good times, and in the bad times.  

There is so much more to do. I compare this with any position you take in life. I will relate this to becoming a law enforcement officer. You start out as the "rookie," and as a legislator you are considered a "freshman." You work for 3-5 years doing patrol and things become easier and you are learning the rules, policy, and procedure of things. What I am seeing in this role as a legislator you get your feet wet in one year and five months, as in the sixth month you are working but also campaigning for your next term. It has gone by so fast, and I am so excited to return as your State Representative to the 68th Assembly District. My journey has started, and I am ready for what is next. Again, I am a God-fearing man, and I truly believe what is stated in Romans 8:31, "If God be for us, who can be against us?" 

I will continue to focus on priorities which affect our area, rural Wisconsin. I will continue to create bi-partisan relationships so I can explain the differences between us up here, and those down in Madison and Milwaukee. I will continue to learn what impacts the people there as well, as we have to look, listen, and learn about all of our Wisconsin issues. I am dedicated to this, and will continue to have these important discussions to move all of Wisconsin forward.

I am "Fighting For Our Future." This is about what is happening right now in Wisconsin, but our decisions made now will impact the future, the future of our children, and their children. We have to remember it is easy to make immediate gratifying decisions for right now, but once made it is more difficult to change. I am seeing in our future right now we are going to be making some tough decisions, especially when it comes to our next budget.

Please visit my issues page to see my passions as we move into this next election cycle, here are some hints: the state of our economy, our farmers and their survival, our homeless population, veteran services, the education of our children in this virtual time, mental health and services,  the continued drug issues impacting the 68th and beyond. 

One of my biggest highlights has been visiting the district and meeting all of you. I will continue to do so. If you ever want to sit down, talk over a cup of coffee, please reach out to me. I would be honored. The best ideas I work on have come from the people I serve. I can't do this myself, we have to do this together. I ask for your support, and your vote, we will continue to take our message and our issues to Madison. God Bless! 



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