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Protecting our Kids

Jesse believes that kids are our future. That’s why he voted the past two budgets to invest millions in the classroom and secure two-thirds funding for our public schools. He passed a bill to provide critical incident mapping, which allows first responders to quickly enter a school in the event of an emergency. He also passed legislation to protect the privacy and safety of children whose parents have been convicted of serious crimes. He is currently working on legislation to protect missing children. As your next state Senator, Jesse will work to pass more great laws that will keep our kids safe and flourishing. 

Growing the Economy

Being a small business owner, Jesse understands the pressures of our everyday economy. As a state representative, he voted to connect families with high-speed internet, expand vocational training opportunities, and cut taxes by over $3.3 billion. With consumer prices on the rise and businesses struggling to find workers, Jesse will bring these pro-growth policies with him to the state Senate. Wisconsinites can't afford reckless spending and inflation. We need less government expansion, and more common sense.

Supporting Law Enforcement

As a former police and fire chief, Jesse knows firsthand the important role police officers serve in our communities. That’s why in the state Assembly he fought to give bonuses to our men and women in law enforcement and expand recruitment efforts. He advocated for more training opportunities. In the state Senate, Jesse will always defend – not defund – our police officers.

Confronting the Drug and Mental Health Crises

The last two years have increased the mental and emotional burdens of Wisconsinites. Jesse is passionate about bringing attention to the opioid and mental health epidemics we are facing. He worked to legalize life-saving fentanyl testing strips and increase fentanyl penalties. As your state senator, Jesse will work to create and advance legislation that faces these topics head on. 

Protecting the Unborn

Jesse is pro-life and believes that every life is precious to God. During his time in the state Assembly, he consistently voted to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Jesse wants to improve our laws and healthcare system to support women and families. As your next state Senator, Jesse will be an outspoken advocate for life and will work to give justice to the voiceless.

Ensuring Election Integrity

Jesse believes voting is the most important thing a citizen can do and serves as a cornerstone of our democracy. That’s why he voted to get private money out of running our elections and prohibit the unethical practice of ballot harvesting. In the state Senate, Jesse will continue to fight for free, safe, and secure elections while protecting our clerks and poll workers.

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