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Fighting for our Future! What does this mean? I want to fight for our children, and our children's children. We have faced unprecedented times in 2020 and now more than ever we need to come together. Together we can overcome the challenges we face, united we stand, divided we fall. It is time for all of us to protect our communities, our families, and it is not just about today, but create vision and establish plans for tomorrow. 

There was and still is a lot to learn in Madison, the issues evolve, and change as time goes on. We are going to have our hands full with our next budget. I will be honest, this will be a very challenging budget. Now is when we should start the discussions, determine priorities, and plan for what is to come. I feel I am still getting my feet wet in this first term. I have enjoyed developing relationships and will continue to do so as I go for two more years.   

As your voice in the 68th Assembly District, the issues I see and will continue to fight for in our future include the following:

1.  Fighting for our Wisconsin economy during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

2.  Fighting for education-What does it look like for the future of our children?

3.  Fighting for our farmers! How can we preserve our Wisconsin farm families at the state level?

4.  Fighting for our overall mental health of our Wisconsin people. Adding services to the five DHS regions. 

5.  Fighting for those affected by drug/alcohol abuse, getting rehabilitation and resources for those who want it. 

6.  Fighting for our rural communities, how do we get infrastructure in place so we can get broadband here? 

7.  Fighting to combat the continued meth and opiate drug abuse taking place.  

8.  Fighting for our adoptive and foster care families, continue improving the services offered.

9.  Fighting for common sense solutions, with continued relationship building at the state and local levels.

10. Listen to YOU, hear what YOU are saying, have discussions, share ideas, act upon what can get done!


We need to do whatever we can to get our economy going again. This is about our livelihoods, our families, and our future. As we learn more and more about COVID-19, we can adapt to it, we can do things in a safe, responsible, and sanitary way. We need to have open minds and common sense. 



I believe in school choice. I think in these times we can call it parent's choice due to the recent CDC guidelines released for kids returning to school. In the 68th our administrators, teachers, and staff are ready to come back to school. I know the kiddos I have talked to while getting nomination signatures have all said the same too!

It will be interesting to see what fall looks like. This decision is up to our Governor, DHS, and the Department of Public Instruction.  


We have increased mental health issues in our state. We have methamphetamine, and opiates impacting our state. It is amazing how one touches the other, and carries over into families, domestic abuse, divorce, drug endangered children, foster care placements, child abuse (sexual and physical), arrested individuals, court, DHS budgets, lack of rehab centers and resources for those who want help, etc. I am proud to be a part of the HOPE legislation passed this session, it is a start.   (Read More)

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